Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Go the fuck to sleep!!!!!!

I don’t know what it is about single life, but I find myself going to bed later and later.

When I was married, I got the kids fed, teeth brushed, and to bed. Then, I made ‘grown up’s’ supper, cleared away, watched a bit of TV and went to bed myself.

Now, I feel like I’ve reverted to student type behaviour. Maybe it’s because there is no-one to entice me to bed!!!

Tonight, again, I’ll probably be searching the empty cupboards, in desperation for something to eat. And then, instead of TV, I’ll be finishing off my post, checking my e-mail, generally wasting time on You Tube, and before I know it, it’ll be 1.00am again…

Today, however, I had a bit of a ‘wake-up call’. Excuse the pun…

Having had a late night, doing the above, I was very tired. But I decided that I needed my running ‘fix’. So off I went to the park and half way round, I tripped on a tree root and went flying.

Honestly, I don’t have two left feet. I was just over tired and therefore not concentrating properly.

Then half way back to the car, I realised I had lost my car key.

I’m not a klutsy type of person. I’m not the one who magnetically attracts disaster. I’m super-self-sufficient! But we all need sleep.

I suspect that this behaviour is common amongst single people. In fact I know a couple of people who have sent me messages very late at night… And I’m too embarrassed to reply and tip them off that I’m awake too!

If this behaviour continues, I will have an accident worse that my fall in the park, which I take as my warning shot.

In the absence of someone else, we have to learn to treat ourselves with a bit more respect, eat properly, and go the Fuck to sleep.  (Fast forward the first 55 seconds).

If only I had someone to read me a bedtime story…!

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  1. I'm enjoying reading your blog! Just introduced to it. This one hit home. I'm single, 41, and would love to find that fellow to lovingly punctuate my days. Here's hoping for the 2 of us. Still, something nice about knowing other clever passionate women are up late, as well. Thanks for sharing.


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