Friday, 1 July 2011

10 puerile things to do this weekend...

I was way too morose yesterday - so I put this list together to make myself laugh... 

1.  Race your shopping trolley down a supermarket aisle, pick up some speed, and then ride the trolley.  (I do actually do this!)

2.  Shave an eyebrow off a sleeping friend.  If you thought this was funny when you were 20 year old students, think how much more funny it is now he’s CEO of Big Shot Plc!!!!

3.  (Boys only) Fart loudly in a packed lift, then stare accusingly at the older lady next to you.  (NB – girls can’t do this.  We don’t fart.)

4.  Get really drunk, really fast, by making cocktails from whatever booze you have lying around the house.

5.  Stay in your PJs for 48 hours ordering takeaways.  Leave the half empty containers all over the sitting room, with your cigarettes stubbed out in them, for someone else to clear up.

6.  Get a friend to drive you around town whilst you randomly fire a water pistol at total strangers.

7.  (Another one for the boys). Go to your local supermarket.  Take all the packets of condoms off the shelf, go to a female cashier, give her a wink, tell her you’re having a party, and ask if she’d like to come and bring a friend!

8.  Put clingfilm over the toilet bowl.  

9. Switch the contents of the sugar and salt containers.

10.  Watch back to back episodes of 1980’s comedy sketch shows (eg Not The 9 o’clock News), laughing raucously at all the politically incorrect jokes.

And just to help you on your way…

1 comment:

  1. Oh. My. Do we need another pub night? Thanks for 9 o'clock news link. Will use soon. Also, if your boys fart in my lift, I will know it was them.


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