Thursday, 7 July 2011

Mumsnet - I'm disappointed

How dare she…?

I had a phone call yesterday (Wednesday July 6th) from a friend of mine…

“Have you seen The Times today?  There’s a woman, doing a blog, just like you! She’s a divorced mum of two and blogging about relationships.  It's going to be on Mumsnet.”

I raced out to buy a copy and discovered, to my horror, the most negative and miserable representation of 40-something divorcees. 

But it didn’t stop there.  The writer, calling herself  ‘Plankton’, has dismissed a large section of single men as “… hog-wimperingly ugly, sexually diseased, hellishly promiscuous, arrogant, humourless, boring or teenagers.”

Her description of 40 something divorcees is no more flattering:  “a single woman of a certain age…  is a mere plankton in the food chain of sexuality… flimflam, a nuisance, an embarrassment of landfill”.  Oh, and I mustn’t forget “married men pity us”.

She claims that people tell her she’s “not ready for a relationship”.  D’ya think…?

Too bloody right!  With such a negative attitude, how can she possibly think that men are going to be drawn to her?

I’m actually too pissed off to write any more today.

I’m going to write to The Times.  And I mean it.  I think this needs to be addressed.

Yours  - really pissed off – Lara Lakin


  1. Mumsnet, not such a happy place:
    She should have called herself Bitters, would have been accurate and not nearly so demeaning. Is she anything like the woman in the Mail the other day who regretted having children, always looking at what they don't have than what they do.
    I say it often, but this is why you are different, my friend.

  2. Natalie Barratt9 July 2011 at 12:33

    This woman is an embarrassment to womankind as far as I am concerned. If embitterment is her lot then she is welcome to go it alone! There are thousands of divorcees who have embraced the chance to start over and go for it - they have renewed confidence, self esteem and know what they are worth. It is a long time since I actually pitied a fellow woman but I do now.


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