Saturday, 16 July 2011

Farewell American Housewife in London

Yesterday I had to say ‘goodbye’ to my dear and close friend, the American Housewife in London (AHL).

We have known each other since our children started school together.  And right from the start, we hit it off.  We have variously shared the trials and joys of raising small kids (sometimes laughing, sometimes wanting to scream) and AHL has been hugely supportive during the trauma of my divorce. 

She’s also collected my youngest from school on the millions of occasions where hope has triumphed over experience, and I’m late AGAIN! 

I won’t just miss the cups of tea, the laughter and sympathy whilst I wait for the eldest to finish school.  I will miss the familiarity that allows me to go into her kitchen and help myself to a cup of tea. 

I also have her to thank for giving me the confidence to get writing again, showing me how to insert the Vagazzaling clip from You Tube onto my blog (!), and responding to my endless e-mails asking for advice.

We have had moments when we have cried with laughter and others where I have cried with grief – and been given a tissue and a hug. 

Friendships like these are rare.  That’s why I’ll miss her so much.

It’s making me cry as I write this.  Where are the bloody tissues when you need one!

This one’s for you American Housewife in London!  And hurry back and visit.

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