Monday, 11 July 2011

Are you a sad, desperate, Bunny Boiler...? Take the test...

The sad desperate bunny boiler test….

Do YOU do any of the following when it comes to men:

1.  Go to see them wearing a Muffin top – ensuring lots of flesh is hanging out over your trousers.

2.  Invite a man to a ‘party’, but not telling him it’s a party for two.  Set the scene:  light the scented candles; dim the lights; get out the massage oil.  Dress to kill.  And just watch the expression on his face when he sees what you have in store…

3.  Tip the contents of your entire makeup collection onto your dressing table.  Endeavour to apply every single item of makeup at once.  No, really.  You’ll look fabulous!

4.  Put on something you wore when you were 20 to make yourself feel young again – even though it doesn’t really fit any more.

5.  Patent red stilettos and fishnet stockings.  It’s a “must”.

6.  Find out what activities he’s involved with and join every club he’s a member of.   And when you keep bumping into him, greet him with the words “Wow!  Fancy bumping into you here!”

7.  Let him know you’re interested in him.  Keep tabs on him.  Drive past his house late at night etc, and then tell him you saw he was back late on Monday night.

8.  Set up a Facebook ‘fan’ page, with just you as a member, and invite him to join

9.  Ask him questions about himself and then continually interrupt him.

10. If you don’t get an immediate response from a phone message, then text, email, and Facebook him, leaving the same message every time.

If you answered “yes” to more than one of these questions… you are, without a doubt, a bunny boiler.  Get a grip.  Take up a hobby. Stop being ‘desperate’.  And get out there.

And yes… this is just my sense of humour getting the better of me…!

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