Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Top ten reasons I’m having a crappy week…

1.     My little dog pee’d on my duvet – and I didn’t discover it until I was about to go to bed at midnight.

2.     My best friend ‘A’ is leaving London.

3.     My son’s bloody brilliant remote control helicopter has broken.  WTF – he’s only had it for 24 hours and he did nothing wrong!

4.     My best friend ‘A’s chillies, which he gave me to make chilli oil, have gone a bit mouldy!

5.     I found a grey hair in my eyebrow.  Which confirms my fear that I’m just a sad old bag!!

6.     I bought half a dozen bottles of my favourite wine on discount at my supermarket, only to discover that it wasn’t the wine I thought it was.

7.     The furrows between my eyebrows are definitely deep enough to grow plants in.

8.     I am convinced that my youngest dog has mental health issues, owing to the fact that having asked to go out 10 times last night, she subsequently pee’d on my duvet.

9.     I met the kindest, funniest, most considerate man you could ever hope to meet… and I don’t fancy him.  How devastating is that…?

1. I had one last piece of chewing gum left in the car.  And my son asked to have it.  I hate chewing gum.  I hate seeing people chew chewing gum. But it was the last piece I had.  I let him have it…! 

B*llocks.  I have had a crap week….

But I am an eternal optimist.  I am sure next week will be better.

Well... it better be!!!  And you know what... whenever I read It makes me laugh so much... I almost forget the crappy week I'm having... almost!!!


  1. lol sounds very much like my week - well month so far come to think of it x Sending much cyber love x


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