Sunday, 4 September 2011

Oh, my... Whatever did I do last night...?!

The morning after the night before….

This morning I woke up with the world’s worst hangover.  It was definitely what I call the “three phase hangover”.

  • 1.     You’ve got beginnings of a headache and feel rubbish.
  • 2.     You start to feel like you’re going to die
  • 3.     You feel so bad that you’re scared you’re never going to die and the suffering is going to go on and on forever… 

Having spent most of the day motionless on the sofa, I finally ventured into the kitchen and made the kids some biscuits.  I devoured a couple with a cup of tea and now feel considerably better!

But I’m guessing that those of you who read yesterday’s post, don’t want to know about my hangover.  You want to know whether I met any tall dark gorgeous men… whether I got asked out…. And whether I behaved myself.

Well, my friend Sarah picked me up from the house. She took one look at me and asked me what else I had to wear….!  That’ll teach me to get dressed for a night out without consulting (gay friend) Julian.

A few changes of clothes later, with a resigned look and the words “that’ll have to do”, Sarah dragged me off in the car. 

First stop, her brothers’ house.  And on the basis that he doesn’t read my blog and therefore can’t defend himself, I blame him entirely for my hangover!!!!  He kept filling my glass up.  What’s all that about…?!

So, having plied us with alcohol, he gave us directions and details of the local hot spots.  And off we went in search of flirtation.

After a quick scan of the first bar, we decided to continue straight on to the second.  Neither Sarah or I are exactly wrinklies.  I mean, we’re fit birds in our 40’s, right?  Well, I realised that not only were we about 10 years too late to be there… but there was no talent! 

It was a Saturday night, in a trendy part of London!  But quite frankly, I fancy Sarah more than any of the men I saw.  And I’m straight! 

OK – there was one faintly cute guy who smiled at me, twice, as I went to the bar and back.  But he didn’t bother to come and talk to me and his smile could just as easily have been caused by wind…..!

So, we found ourselves a table in the corner, ordered a few bar snacks (which Porky Lakin scoffed mostly by herself!) and had a fantastic evening by ourselves, catching up on all our news and gossip.  And you know what.  It was a blast.  And I look forward to doing it again.

I didn’t set out with any great hope of meeting Mr Right.  But a bit of a flirt was definitely the plan – so I guess that’s a bit disappointing. 

But what I hadn’t really thought about, was just how much fun it can be to get out of the house and go somewhere different.  Dress up a bit, and then just catch up with your friends.  Like a grown up.  Like we did before becoming parents.  Getting hammered along the way.

So I didn’t “get lucky”, or anything else…  But heck – I had one hell of a hangover!

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