Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Love me... love my dog....

This morning, when a reminder letter came in the post from the local vets, I realised that we have now had our little dog for a year.  It made me start thinking about all the positive differences this small, furry terrorist has made to our lives. 

Originally, I bought the dog for the kids.  I would never have bought one if I didn’t want one too, as I am the main carer for her.  But when I bought her for the kids, I had no idea how much of a positive impact she would have on all our lives.

And here they are.  The top eleven reasons why I love my dog:

1.  Every other weekend I’m on my own.  But with the dog in the house, it never feels empty. 

2.  I always know when the post arrives…  She runs to the door barking hysterically, and shreds it!  I shouldn’t laugh – but I can’t help myself!

3.  She is the world’s greatest football playing dog.  (Many a time I’ve had a child in tears, because she saves every goal they try to score!)  And it saves me having to join in!

4.  As a result of dog walking, I have made a number of fantastic friends and many acquaintances.  I love being able to chat to other dog walkers in the park, when the kids have gone to school.

5.  During the weekends when the kids are at their Dad’s, having the dog makes me get out of bed and out of the house, when I might otherwise waste the whole morning!

6.  She scares off the pigeons that have made themselves at home in our garden.  As I have a phobia of pigeons, I’m very happy about that!

7.  Instead of having to wake up two resistant kids in the morning, I just send the dog in.  She wakes them up in the most lovely way… jumping on top of them, kissing their ears and making them giggle.

8.  When the kids get bored they love playing with her.  It’s a very healthy alternative to PS3’s and other hideous computer games.

9.  The kids’ leftover food never goes to waste!!

10. When I’m really cross, grumpy and yelling at the kids, she looks like I’m telling her off too.  She creeps up to me, to try and make friends again.  It makes me feel so guilty that I have to stop!

11. And last, but by no means least, as the kids have learnt, there is always someone to blame for farting…!

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  1. This made me laugh madly, love it! So true! x


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