Thursday, 1 December 2011

Just a quickie

And no… not what you’re thinking!  I mean that this is just going to be a very quick post today.

I have a child off sick.  And for a change, I believe he really is sick, owing to the fact that he has a temperature and won’t eat anything!  Very unusual.

Generally speaking, I confess I find it extremely irritating when the kids are off sick.  I can’t get lots of the things done that need doing and I’m house bound – owing to my very strict rule: If you’re sick, you stay in bed! It’s not a holiday!

But as it happens, the child who’s off sick, is the eldest, who recently went on his first ever trip abroad without either parent.  And for once, in the aftermath of missing him, I am secretly enjoying having him at home. 

Owing to his ill-health, he is not talking at quite his usual speed, and the signs of pre-pubescent behaviour (that’s back-chatting and general ‘arseyness’) have abated.  And being the age he is, I can have a decent conversation with him. 

I sat on the bed in my room next to him this morning, after I dropped his brother off at the school bus.  We watched the news and he asked a whole ton of interesting questions.  OK – he likes to start asking the question right at the moment that a key point in the story is being told by the newsreader…!  But, the mere fact he’s interested makes it OK for me.

And so I have this small moment in time with him.  A small moment to treasure.  No back chat, no fighting with the little one, no grumbling about homework.  I honestly believe that no high-octane adventures, outings or other excitement can compete with the happiness there is to be had in these private moments with your children, where you can just knock along together in peace.


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