Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Acts of Revenge. Do they really make you feel better?

I’ve never been into revenge myself…   

No really…!!!

But sometimes it can be just a teeny weeny bit cathartic. 

I admit to doing one of the following.  Only one - and I’m not telling you which one it is!  But it did then, and still does, make me smile to think of it…

So, herewith, my top ten favourite “terrible acts of revenge”!

Clean the toilet with their toothbrush – ensuring you get right under the rim.

Cook their food separately, ensuring they get lots of extra chilies.

Take their extra special wine and sell it on eBay.

Use your kids itching powder in their underwear.

Cut off one single arm from every favourite item of clothing.

Make them steak pie.  Use a tin of dog food and a bit of puff pastry.  Tell them you already ate!

Reset their computer back to factory settings.

Post their mobile number in local phone boxes, offering escort services.

“Accidentally” boil wash their favourite item of clothing – or just stick a red sock in their ‘whites’ wash.

Make them chocolate mousse – with a generous helping of laxative chocolate grated on top!

And remember... Revenge is a dish best served cold.  (A bit like chocolate mousse!)


  1. I, er, ahem, did one of those things to a bullying colleague 25 years ago. It is still the most rebellious thing I've ever done :-) x

  2. LOL - Oh NO! Now you're teasing. You've got to tell which one it is!

  3. ahem ... Sara Moon comes to mind. But the best by that I have ever heard must be ... just leave his car in the short-term parking at Heathrow, deliver the keys by 'pay on delivery' courier with a label saying 'Find Me'

  4. Hi lady!!! I stumbled accross your blog while searching ways to use and buy the itching powder. My know it all better than everyone delusional husband has pissed me off a few times to many the last few days. The underwear revenge is right up my alley. Monday morning after his shower, his best fitting "Panties" will be on top of stack generously powdered......ha ha ha!!!!


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